Sámi nieida jojk, 2007

(Obs! It’s lo resulotion version of the film)

Year: 2007
Length: 58 min
Director: Liselotte Wajstedt
Production: LittleBig Productions

OBS! It is not allowed to show the film publicly. Rights should apply for LittleBig Productions.

Sámi nieida jojk is a documentary roadmovie into Sápmi. Armed in a Kolt and with a summer’s course in the lingo she is determined to take her place among the people she belongs to. In spite of being Sami herself, she has stood outside the Sami community, bereft of the language and other attributes of the culture. It’s an exciting trip, filled with expectations of new and fulfilling experiences, but the hovering fear of rejection and alienation lurks around the corner. This strong story is portrayed through humoristic documentary narration, imaginative animation and musical editing. How much a Sami can you be living in the city and without reindeers? Will she be accepted in Sameland?

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